Ten Tunes For Friday

11.21.09 (W.Rogell)

Welcome back to Friday, and ten more pieces of Phish history. Today’s playlist favors the mid-’90s, with a dash of Europe ’97. Some particularly fierce pieces are included. Enjoy the selections, and have a great weekend!


Split Open And Melt” 7.24.93 II

Forget your coffee this morning? This “Split” should do the trick. This version from Great Woods showcases the band’s mind-bending communication of Summer ’93.


Reba” 5.28.94 II

Trey, 1993

A smooth and grooving version from Laguna Seca Daze in Monterey, California. If you’re prone to dancing in your cubicle, beware, this gets nasty.


Tweezer > Manteca > Tweezer” 5.3.93 II

This phenomenal piece of music from New Brunswick, New Jersey is a golden relic of the analog era. This this standout jam features prominent teasing of Carole King’s “I Can Feel the Earth Move.”


Antelope > Catapult > Life on Mars?” 3.2.97 I

This little-known gem took place at a little known show. After Phish’s famous night in Hamburg, Germany, chronicled on Slip, Stitch, and Pass, they had one night left of their European tour. In their Copenhagen finale, this unfinished “Antelope” sequence anchored the first set.


Jam > Cities” 6.20.97 I


In Prague, Phish opened the show with “Taste,” and then played this out of character jam, foreshadowing an adventurous show.


Mike’s > Weekapaug” 12.7.95 II

Some versions might be comparable, but this show-stopper from Niagara Falls is amongst the elite “Mike’s Grooves” ever played.


The Aquarium

David Bowie” 12.30.93 I

This “Bowie” opened a show of lore on the night before New Year’s Eve in 1993. After these two sets, Cumberland County Civic Center would never be the same again. Included is a prominent quote of Aerosmith’s “Dream On.”

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