Pre-Tour SBD Nuggets Emerge

12.31.09 (W.Rogell)

Yesterday, some choice soundboard selections have leaked from Phish’s vault onto the Internet. Hidden Track and YEMblog have been the messenger pigeons of great tidings on the cusp of tour, providing the community with some crispy goodness for the road this summer. Yesterday, YEMBlog unveiled a Pre-FM source of Kevin Shapiro’s “From the Archives” show from Bonnaroo last summer. Included in the first broadcast, offered in FLAC and mp3,  are such monumental musical moments as The Radio City “Ghost,” Big Cypress’ “After Midnight Reprise,” and The Fox Theatre “Tweezer” from November ’94. All in never before heard clarity – these three jams will get plenty of airtime this summer in cars and hotel rooms across the county. A track listing is below.

“From the Archives – Broadcast One” – 6.12.09 – Manchester, TN

1. Destiny Unbound (5/31/2009 @ Fenway Park, Boston, MA)
2. Born Under Punches (10/31/1996 @ The Omni, Atlanta, GA)
3. Sabotage (8/16/1998 @ The Lemonwheel, Limestone, ME)
4. Ghost (5/22/2000 @ Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY)
5. Lengthwise (11/19/1992 @ St. Michael’s, Colchester, VT)
6. Sneakin’ Sally (9/28/1999 @ Oak Mountain, Pelham, AL)
7. Tweezer (11/23/1994 @ Fox Theatre, St. Louis, MO)
8. Llama (10/18/1994 @ Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN)
9. After Midnight (12/31/1999 @ Big Cypress)
10. Born to Run (7/16/1999 @ PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ)

And as if that wasn’t enough, hours later, Hidden Track posted a just-leaked  SBD of part one my personal favorite Phish2k sequences – Ticketfly for purchasing tickets for this summer’s Merriweather shows. The bittersweet detail to this “release” is the glaring absence of the transcendent ‘Rock and Roll” that opened the set and led into “Theme.” Most likely lopped off for liscencing purposes, the second two-thirds of this standout segment is still a treat. Hidden Track also noted:

Also of note is the album title in the tags associated with the file which reads “Past Summer Compilation (5/11/2010 v2)” and it’s listed as track 11 of 12. Hopefully we’ll get to hear the other 11 tracks soon!

Check out the original post for more details.

Big ups to Scotty B. and his crew for getting these  choice cuts out to the people!

Three more days…


SBD Update: In addition , Hidden Track has updated their post with the following leaked SBDs. All are labeled as part of the mysterious “Past Summer Compilation.” Good stuff all around. Links are below

6.20.95 “Spock’s Brain” @ Blossom (“right click, save as”)

9.15.00 “Tube” @ Hershey Park Stadium

7.3.00 “Runaway Jim” @ Camden

7.1.00 “Bug” @ Hartford (“right click, save as”)


Jam of the Day:

46 Days” 8.15.09 II

Continuing our tour of shining moments from last year.



1995.06.07 BSU PAvilion. Boise, ID < Torrent

1995.06.07 BSU Pavilion, Boise, ID <Megaupload

Summer ’95 T-Shirt

The first show of Summer ’95.

I: Possum, Weigh, Taste*, Strange Design, Stash, If I Could, Scent of a Mule, The Wedge, Funky Bitch, Slave to the Traffic Light

II: Ha Ha Ha > Maze, Spock’s Brain, Theme From the Bottom, Hold Your Head Up > Lonesome Cowboy Bill > Hold Your Head Up, Acoustic Army*, Sample in a Jar, Harry Hood, Suzy Greenberg

E: While My Guitar Gently Weeps


Source: AKG 398s > OADE M118 > Sony SBM-1 > Sony D7

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