Shots of Sunday

6.13.10 - Hersheypark Stadium (Matt Wagner)


6.13.10 (M.Wagner)


6.13.10 (M.Wagner)


6.13.10 (M.Wagner)

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  1. Uncle Jam Says:

    definitely one of the biggest odd-ball setlists from start to finish.

    Any word on the Faulty Plan set closer?

  2. Mr. Completely Says:

    it’s important to remember that phish are a bunch of weirdos

  3. BTB Says:

    BDTNL from soundboard view point

    Pretty decent video, I’m sure more will surface once people re-attach their faces

  4. BrandonKayda Says:

    Show is streaming on HoodStream

    Tube is sounding hot

  5. Uncle Jam Says:

    ^^ Mr. Completely

    Last tour setlists were, for the most part, pretty standard. This makes me think that they are comfortable in their weirdness again. I’m sure there are some gems in here.

  6. BTB Says:

    Impressed with Hoodstream quality

  7. (looks too much like)Dave Says:

    Stealing Time didn’t really go anywhere new, but was a very appropriate landing spot for that raging gin. “Got a blank space where my mind should be” indeed.

  8. Prince Nabby Says:

    Just back to our hotel after the Portsmouth show, and it was, I have to say, an absolute rager from start to finish. The vibe was entirely different than Hershey. There, dance was the tune all the way through. The Portsmouth show was seriously psychedelic, a word that I think gets overused but that is entirely apt here. And I have no idea why anyone would complain about -7 : it was simply amazing. The band were obviously having the time of their lives and the audience were equally as ecstatic. I’ll call this the funkiest show of 3.0 and with some transcendentally deep and exploratory jams. Just top notch stuff.

  9. BTB Says:

    In listening to tonights KDF and Slave, I don’t understand treyzer’s obsession with the whale…not even necessary…makes him sound almost out of tune?

    Kind of puzzling – haven’t listened to much of this run yet. To the extent I’ve heard complaints – they might be justified.

    Need to listen to more though. Preliminary verbal diarrhea!

  10. BrandonKayda Says:

    I’ve gotten kind of used to the whale now – Just one of the parts of 3.0 kind of like the keyboard was a part of 99/2000′ Phish.

    I don’t see it going away any time soon.

    This show is sounding great so far

  11. BrandonKayda Says:

    AC/DC Bag is different tonight

  12. lot rat Says:

    funk bag courtesy of mofo gordo

  13. Phish...Yup Says:

    Hoodstream is rocking great quality. nVery solid

  14. lot rat Says:

    diggin hoodstream for a few…the moment ends

  15. lot rat Says:

    cold muthf*ckin water…tasty little number

  16. BrandonKayda Says:

    I’m curious as to what Miner’s take on this show will be…

    Anyways, goodnight folks. Just loaded up the show onto my iPod and will be listening to it tomorrow.


  17. [an unrelated] Wilson Says:

    my guess: Miner sees nTelos as a definitive statement that phish sets in 3.0 won’t be bound by the same parameters as previous eras, only the word “multi-facted” will be used. and we love him for that.

  18. butter Says:

    whats up kids

  19. butter Says:

    Gin first set highlight

  20. GorgingHeavily Says:


  21. Dom Says:

    Need a Phish show!!

  22. Matthew Joy Says:

    Chicago People, currently I have an extra and free ticket to the Chicago Symphony tomorrow night…it’s a Smetana piece, whoever that is…I’m sure Phil Lesh likes him/her/they…

    If interested, or know anyone who would be, text me at 414-551-7989…Colonel

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