Ten Tunes For Worcester

The Worcester Centrum

Phish has only played three shows on December 10th since 1992. The 10th was an off day for the Fall tours of ’95 and ’97, while the band played in Kalamazoo in 1992, Santa Monica, California to close out Fall ’94, and a stumbled through a rather off night in Philadelphia in ’99. So instead of going with December 1oth jams today and in the interest of sticking with the numerology theme, today we turn our attention to the “Top Ten Moments in December History at The  Worcester Centrum” (now affectionately known the DCU Center). With two more New Year’s Run shows at “The Centrum” around the corner, let’s look back at the best Phish had to offer in their December visits of ’93 and ’95.


10. “Slave to the Traffic Light” 12.28.95 II

10.20.10 (C. Boire)

This solid ’95 version closed out the first night of Worcester ’95.


9. “Split Open and Melt” 12.28.95 I

The opener of the entire New Year’s Run in 1995.


8. “Antelope” 12.31.93 I

10.31.09 (D.Lavery)

A vintage ’93 rendition that closed out the first set of New Year’s Eve.


7. “Tweezer” 12.31.93 II

Tight, ’93-style jamming.


6. “Harry Hood” 12.31.93 III

10.10.10 (C.Klein)

A scintillating cap to New Year’s Eve, Trey just about blows a gasket leading the band to a sublime mountaintop vista.


5. “Stash” 12.29.95 I

A harrowing trip into the underworld early in the show.


4. “Tweezer” 12.28.95 II

10.31.10 (G.Lucas)

A year that featured so many gargantuan “Tweezers” finished off with one more monster.


3. “Reba” 12.31.93 I

A gorgeous slice of Phish’s New Year’s Eve legacy.


2. “Auld Lang Syne > Down With Disease Jam > Split” 12.31.III

Live Bait 3

Perhaps the most cathartic moment in Phish’s midnight history, the genius debut of “Down With Disease’s jam” was followed by a crushing version of “Split Open and Melt” to kick off the New Year. Here is a  newly-remastered upgrade from Kevin Shapiro’s most recent “Live Bait” compilation!


1. Bathtub Gin > The Real Me > Bathtub Gin” 12.29.95 II

A classic jam sequence that easily grabs top billing. Pure fire.

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