TAB @ HOB Boston

2.20.2011 House of Blues, Boston, Massachusetts

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2.18.2011 (C.Green)

Since I am not able to attend most of Trey’s current tour, I am once again inviting people to submit reviews of his shows for potential publication on Phish Thoughts. A friend and I start this project during TAB tour last year, and it wound up working pretty well. We designated a Reader Review Page for these submissions, and a group of people had their reviews published online. If you are planning on submitting a review, please take your writing somewhat seriously and, by all means, please proofread your piece before emailing it to (Note: Not all submissions are guaranteed to be published.)

Today we have the inaugural 2011 reader review of Trey’s performance at Boston’s House of Blues on Sunday from BogHog2001. Below is the beginning of his take, and you can click over to the Reader Review Page for the entire piece.


It’s always good to hear Trey. I had a great time at the House of Blues last night. Lots of dancing space, great sound, and a good vibe in the crowd. I personally prefer the electric sets so much more than the acoustic and last night’s show was no exception. Trey’s wife, Sue, and daughter, Eliza, were at the show and Trey seemed be play to their affection with a relatively tame show full of love songs and emotion that lacked some of the explosive energy that I love from Trey. The second set seemed to move back and forth from TAB rager (Jibboo, Simple Twist Up Dave, First Tube) and swing blues tunes (Wee Wee Hours, Burn that Bridge) which never really allowed for the raging momentum to get going like many of Trey’s shows of the past. There were no long jams with hand signals queuing band members to change keys or break down to just a few members. This staple exploratory jam section of almost all of Trey’s past electric sets has become one of my favorite moments of each show. There has been a noticeable lack of these jams in the first three shows of tour perhaps alluding to the more relaxed personality of this band, the search for bliss rather than rage, or simply paralleling Phish’s move to shorter, more predictable jam development… Click here for the full review!

Acoustic Set: Sample in a Jar, Punch You In the Eye, Strange Design, AC/DC Bag, It’s Ice, Bathtub Gin, Carini, Dog Faced Boy, Shine a Light, Sleep Again, Wilson, Chalk Dust Torture, Backwards Down the Number Line, Lawn Boy*, Let Me Lie**, Hey Ya**

Electric Set: Done Done It, Valentine, In the Wee Wee Hours, Gotta Jibboo, Sweet Dreams Melinda, Burn That Bridge, Simple Twist Up Dave, Small Axe, Ooh Child, Tuesday, Ocelot, Ether Sunday, First Tube

E: Magilla, Black Dog

* w/ Russell Remington (tenor) and Tony marekelis (bass), ** w/ full band

Source: AKG 483 Hyper & 460/ck22 Split Omni Mix


Jams of the Day: TAB – 2.20.11, Boston

Simple Twist Up Dave” II


Hey Ya” I


812 Responses to “TAB @ HOB Boston”

  1. garretc Says:

    Hey, this doesn’t sound anything like Wilco! I want my money back!


  2. BrandonKayda Says:

    Not at all, @garretc

    I love this shit though. It reminds me of some parts of Ascension or something. So dissonant.

  3. garretc Says:


    Yeah no, I’m definitely digging it! I knew Nels Cline does some out there music, but I didn’t realize it was this much in the free jazz range, very cool.

  4. garretc Says:


    Some of the folks on tour should carry around a “2.0 Songs” sign

    If, you know, signs didn’t suck

  5. BrandonKayda Says:

    This only gets better as it goes along too, so strap in 😀

  6. BrandonKayda Says:

    You think you’re hitting any Phish this summer, @garretc?

  7. garretc Says:


    Yeah, but I’m placing all my cards on a Festi, just cause I’ll only have the money for one jaunt back East, and I’d prefer it be on that. Although I definitely was checking flights for Bethel this afternoon wishing I could do two NY trips this summer… If they come out west later in the summer I’ll probably have worked enough to hit several of those too, but, you know, “If” being fairly large…

  8. garretc Says:

    This song is sick… And unfortunately I’m gonna need to leave in the middle of it… Didn’t play any guitar yesterday, can’t make it two days in a row sans practice, so I’m off to do that.

    Wonder what the odds are they replay tomorrow too? They better after making me register and shit… Haha

  9. BrandonKayda Says:

    Yeah @garretc. Strange that they’re supposedly only doing one leg of tour. Hope you get your festi/you can go to Bethel Woods.

    I’m curious to see how the playing will be in 2011

  10. BrandonKayda Says:

    i think they have multiple shows this week actually.

    And you just reminded me I need to practice piano lol. I haven’t practiced the sonatina (piece im trying to learn for an audition) all week. Fuck. llfa

  11. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    @BK, they’re not doing only 1 leg of tour, it says more summer announcements coming soon….

  12. BrandonKayda Says:

    Oh – alright.

    I thought there was something on the website that said no more dates after summer tour…but maybe that just means after leg II

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