TTFF: Phish2k—Summer Tour

10.23.2010 (Dave Lavery)

The Summer of 2000—moving from Tokyo, Japan to Columbus, Ohio—represented Phish’s last true push of creative music. Though the band’s playing in Japan was on another level than in the states, the band, nonetheless, cranked through a solid summer tour—their last until 2003. Once the fall came, Phish shows turned less consistently creative, and standout jams came less frequently as the band moved towards hiatus. Today’s playlist features some of the tour’s lesser known jams to go along with a couple fan favorites, all arranged chronologically as they came in the Summer of 2000. Enjoy ten more tunes as the wait for summer dates continues!


Piper” 6.10.00 I, Tokyo, JP

The only “Piper” of Japan happened in a big way in the first set of Tokyo’s second show.



Theme -> Dog Faced Boy” 6.16.00 II, Osaka, JP

This unfinished “Theme” followed a massive “Runaway Jim” (featured last week) in the band’s final show in the far east.



Tweezer” 6.24.00 I, Atlanta, GA

This sunset “Tweezer” from Lakewood is one of my personal favorites.



Bathtub Gin” 6.28.00 I, Holmdel, NJ

A spectacular and triumphant version that Trey leads to the mountaintop.



Birds -> Catapult > Heavy Things” 6.29.00 II, Holmdel, NJ

Phish dropped this stellar piece of improv to open the final set of PNC’s two night stand. The dark and twisted “Birds” jam has hints of Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme” laced throughout .



Ghost” 7.1.00 II, Hartford, CT

This scorching, second-set closing “Ghost” snuck in the door at the last minute to highlight the show.



Limb by Limb -> 2001” 7.6.00 II, Toronto, ON

A dark horse combo that got things moving after setbreak in a quick stop north of the border.



Split Open and Melt” 7.7.00 II, Burgettstown, PA

Though not with the unbridled fury of 1994, Phish could still rip a serious “Melt” in 2000. Can they still?



Mike’s Song” 7.14.00 II, Columbus, OH

A driving and sinister jam transforms into beauty, representing one of the last—if not the final—versions of “Mike’s” with two jams.


Down With Disease -> WMMGW” 7.15.00 II, Columbus, OH

Summer’s dramatic “farewell jam” came at the top of the second set, while sliding smoothly and unexpectedly into “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.”

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  1. El Duderino Says:

    buy the full version (unlocked)

  2. verno329 Says:

    Done. 10GB of 97 jams mix on the road, here I come. Thanks

  3. vegas wolfmans Says:

    I would like to 3rd the El Duder and Verno recommendation on PLQ from Charlotte 4/20/01. Someone pointed me in the direction of that show a couple years ago and it is truly exceptional- as is everything I’ve spun from that April mini-tour. If you like psychedelic rock music, this is your bag. Repost of the link:

  4. Boon Gibbons Says:

    NAGOYA seems to never make the radar. I was at that show and it was amazing! Your thoughts Dan?

  5. bathtub brian Says:

    What are the chances we could be looking at summer 2012 dates tomorrow??

  6. garretc Says:

    @bathtub brian

    62.4895557448930283467826395872% chance


  7. tela'smuff Says:

    what are the chances Phish plays ALl Good?? they announce their lineup tomorrow, around noon, maybe coinciding with Phish releasing theirs?

    if Phish and Phil & Friends played Buckeye Lake, I’d be up for the ride.

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