TTFT: A Big Jump—Summer ’09 Leg II

7.31.09—Red Rocks (Graham Lucas)

Come Leg Two of Summer ’09, Phish ditched their largely linear jams of June and started to explore again. Beginning at Red Rocks and carrying through The Gorge and beyond, the band seemed more confident taking risks on stage during August. Playing far more confidently than in June, Leg Two felt like a breath of fresh air, and many started to believe again. The jams below represent the best of Leg Two ’09.


Split Open and Melt” 7.31 II, Morrison, CO

This menacing mind-fuck provided the soundtrack to an oncoming storm. The interaction between the weather and the music was surreal. Check out the video!


Tweezer” Red Rocks 7.31 II, Morrison, CO

Grade A, certifiable Phish crack. At the time, this jam felt like the best thing since sliced bread.


Disease > Limb” 8.5 II, Mountain View, CA

The most exploratory “Disease” in a summer full of highlight versions.


Sneakin’ Sally” 8.7 I, George, WA

A left hook that the audience never saw coming, this “Sally” jam commenced the deeper magic on a mystical night at The Gorge.


Light -> Taste” 8.7 II, George, WA

At the time played, this was the most impressive version of “Light” the band had played.


Bathtub Gin > Hood” 8.7 II, George, WA

A second set “Gin”of the likes we are salivating for these days—and a serene and delicate “Hood” to cap off the set.


Rock and Roll” 8.8 II, George, WA

Though night one at The Gorge was—in my opinion—the show of 2009, this jam the following night vaulted to the top of the weekend.


Drowned” 8.13 II, Darien Center, NY

Back on the east coast, Phish kept the improvisational engines running, though to the tune of about once per show.


46 Days > Oh! Sweet Nuthin” 8.15 II, Columbia, MD

This dark horse jam amidst a crappy show at Merriweather is a stunning convergence of all four band members. Moving from murky psychedelia to glorified pastures of gold, this one is a keeper—even now.


Number Line > Twenty Years Later” 8.16 II, Saratoga Sp, NY 

The band finished off the summer with a centerpiece sequence that highlighted two new songs, and when this tour ended, the entire community was pretty jacked on the Phish.

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