TTFF: A Grab Bag

10.31.10 — Atlantic City, NJ (Graham Lucas)

We’ll start looking at 2010’s highlights next week, but for now, here are another ten favorites to accompany your Friday and beyond. There’s no rhyme or reason to these selections other than the fact that they are great.


Harry Hood” 12.31.93 III, Worcester, MA

One of the most explosive and cathartic versions ever played—the final piece to a phenomenal year of Phish.



Halley’s Comet”  8.3.98 I, Noblesville, IN

Here’s another jam I listened to yesterday and got blown away all over again, so I’m featuring it today. Page tickles “A Love Supreme” within the grooves before this jam takes a turn for the divine.



Horn” 7.15.98 I, Portland, OR

Out of nowhere sprung this beautiful music.



Twist > Slave” 11.14.97 II

Step into space…



Tweezer > 2001” 7.1.98 II, Christiana, Copenhagen, DK

One my my top-shelf Phish experiences, from the second show of Summer ’98 at The Grey Hall.



Bathtub Gin” 7.21.97 II, Virginia Beach, VA

A funkified welcome to US Summer Tour ’97! USA! USA!



Free” 6.30.99 II, Bonner Springs, KS

My go-to version since the moment it was played.



Drowned” 12.3.97 I, Philadelphia, PA 

“Drowned” can take many forms, including ferocious groove.



David Bowie” 4.30.94 II, Orlando, FL

A classic “Bowie” from Spring ’94.



Down With Disease” 12.30.03 II, Miami, FL

A gorgeous end to an “interesting” set.




Elite 8

THE ELITE EIGHT is open for voting @ Trey Is My Friend!!

Marquee match-ups featuring the heavyweight battle of “Tweezer” vs. “Ghost!”

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1,104 Responses to “TTFF: A Grab Bag”

  1. garretc Says:

    Haha, fair enough Bwana, fair enough.

    I feel obliged to point out that anytime you do see me commenting on the details of others’ posts it’s always in good fun, I don’t have a mean bone in my body (or at least I like to think so). I just think spelling and grammar errors can be hilarious when they change the meaning. More so than most, and probably more so than anybody should, but so it goes. Anyways, as to your post, I just meant most of the time when folks drop a big post like that it involves a good bit of rambling and incoherence, with various trains of thought being taken up and lost before you even know you’re on board. Maybe “most of the time” isn’t fair, as we get long insightful posts out of many a commenter on here, but definitely often, or at the very least occasionally. So don’t take that as being somehow an implication that I expected you in particular to be unfocused and discombobulated, and you shouldn’t see the compliments as back-handed or “semi-” in any way. Had you chosen any other method of formatting your post I wouldn’t have had the initial gut instinct of “uh-oh, another crazy post, watch out!” and wouldn’t have commented in such a manner, but it was in fact due to my sincere appreciation of the points you made that I even pointed out the disconnect between expectation and reality.

    That being said, if you’ve really been observing my comments lately I would have hoped “text-message generation” wouldn’t have been a label applied to me, as I’ve always prided myself on correct grammar, punctuation, capitalization, etc, in any form of written communication (hence the amusement I find in the mistakes of both myself and others), but so it goes. You can only judge me on the posts you see, and maybe those have been the lesser ones.

    And while I’m sure it’s meant sincerely, good golly am I rubbed the wrong way by the seeming condescension in that last paragraph. Who said anything about me lacking in sincere conversations here or otherwise? Hell, just two weeks ago there was a several hour long philosophical/political/historical/economic(al)/moral(ical) right here on this very board that was marked by a distinct sincerity and attention to detail by both myself and the other participants. Not to mention my life off the board. “Why, back in my day we didn’t text message and so we had real honest to goodness conversations! Face to face, like real gott-damn human beings!” Haha

    But I don’t want to end it on a snarky note, because that’s what caused you to impugn my honor in the first place, so I’ll just bid you goodnight, and fare ye well!

  2. Bwana Says:

    Well, thanks for the rebuttal Garretc… You’ve cleared your name in my book, sorry to reverse offend. And no I’ve haven’t followed your every post (including what sounds like a significant discussion a couple weeks ago), so I’m sure my perspective is slightly skewed…

    Overall, I feel tone is easily misinterpreted in this here virtual world and as such I usually let sarcasm go unattended. But sometimes in the strangest of places if you look at it right (our defensive nature), sincerity finds its way into the light. Cheers man!

  3. garretc Says:

    And to you, sir. Certainly no hard feelings on my end, and as a huge sarcasm proponent I’m all too aware of its textual shortcomings! But that’s why reasonableness must prevail in the end, lest chances at explanation be thrown by the wayside in pursuit of misguided defense of standing.

    And, frankly, it’s probably for the better that you haven’t followed my every post, because that would be creepy… Anywho, good luck with that thesis. I personally need to turn in initial possibilities for my thesis next week… Ugh.

  4. Bwana Says:

    Thanks, I welcome luck at every turn… I waited seven years to go to grad school after finishing my undergrad. Initially I had said no way, no how, I’m done with academia… But time loves a hero and I took a nice graduate assistantship offer.

    However, after two years, I left the college environment once my classes were finished and re-entered the real world before finishing my thesis. I’ve been dragging my feet to finish it since. It’s been an unpleasant source of anxiety to have hanging over my head these past three years, but I can now finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thankfully, I still have interest in the subject matter — otherwise I’d be hard pressed to even finish.

    If your situation is anything the like, I’d suggest sticking with a topic you truly are interested in — makes all the difference when the time comes to buckle down and git er done…

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