TTFT: Bliss’d

8.5.2011 (Graham Lucas)

Bathtub Gin” 9.12.99 I, Portland, OR

A first set jam that is often overlooked, but shouldn’t be.



Reba” 7.6.94 I, Montreal, QC

The goods.



Mike’s Song 7.17.98 II, George, WA

Gotta’ love when “Mike’s” turns into a melodic mind-melt.



Simple” 11.18.96 II, Memphis, TN

Cathartic guitar leads forge the way in this gem.



My Left Toe” 7.21.99 II, Burgettstown, PA

This version is Phish bliss defined.



Stash” 12.31.03 II, Miami, FL

The jam Miami ’03—a gorgeous collaboration.



Tweezer” 11.23.94 II, St. Louis, MO

Trey reaches into the depths of his soul…



Carini -> Taste -> Dwd Reprise” 2.17.97 II, Amsterdam, NL

The debut of “Carini traveled to unprecedented places.



Harry Hood” 7.22.97 E, Raleigh, NC

After Walnut Creek’s torrential second set, the band came out with a “Hood” encore, and it was far more than an afterthought.




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360 Responses to “TTFT: Bliss’d”

  1. Robear Says:

    sel j sez:

    ” But how do we know Phish isn’t Trey’s offseason.”

    we don’t…..that’s why miner won’t watch the video interview

  2. Elementset Says:

    sorry if its been said but this GIN today has shades of MSGhost licks when it turned into that major key catharsis

  3. Robear Says:

    Good call Ets. I was thinking HolyGhost for a minute. Also reminded me of the 12/7/99 Halleys.

  4. thedayman Says:

    are you guys talking about the minute long clip on yew toob where trey talks for like 10 seconds about the musical?

  5. thedayman Says:

    oh wow, just saw this musical is running until june 17th.

  6. thedayman Says:

    never mind, found the vid

  7. jtran Says:

    Seeing the musical thursday night. Will report back

  8. Robear Says:

    May the Force Be With You

  9. butter Says:

    Whew 8.7.09 Gorge Stash is much better than I recall

    Dark evil whaling with a bit of that secret sauce

  10. @Forbin33 Says:

    Potland Meadows 9/12/99 Bathtub is simply one of the most beautiful pieces of music I had the experience of hearing live. Breathtaking jam!

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