Shots of Bonnaroo

6.10.2012 (Michael Stein)


6.10.2012 (Michael Stein)


6.10.2012 (Michael Stein)


6.10.2012 (Michael Stein)


6.12.2012 (Michael Stein)


6.10.2012 (Michael Stein)


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1,365 Responses to “Shots of Bonnaroo”

  1. lumpyhead Says:

    thanks for the info @ sumo

  2. Leo Weaver Says:

    We’ve got the patio bar reserved at the Chelsea on Saturday afternoon for the BB massive. Drop by. Shake hands. Drink beers.

  3. lumpyhead Says:

    ^ that is wicked.

  4. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    Wishes I was headed to AC this weekend!

  5. tela'smuff Says:

    that news there hurts @leo. really jealous right now. please tip one back for me. maybe pour some on the earth for me.

    instead tomorrow i’m driving this over two days for work.

    Gunnison>Montrose>Delta>Grand Junction>Craig>Steamboat –

    spinning Woostah and Drums Logos with an assorted mix of tunes.

  6. Guyute711 Says:

    Leave it to Leo. I like when the meetup is where I stay. I have less than 24 hrs until I’m gambling. Quick sleep now.


    dancin. Good ear. Sans Donna luckily. Nah, I’m only kidding… halfway.

  8. xpun Says:

    bh – what shows you hitting this summer

  9. xpun Says:

    im planning on stepping into the freezer and hitting 1st tube – if anyone has any requests, i dont mind fronting the cash.

    disclaimer – some times i dont make it to the place i plan to and im not sure if theres limits and i’m taking care of me first and the gimme gimmes. and also MIA for showing me the light(er)

    ill be in SF in august for exchanges or can mail stuff to you

  10. Mr.Miner Says:

    cant stop listening to Carini -> If I Could. Top shelf Phish. Period.

  11. tela'smuff Says:

    did u ever get word back from Shapiro on your MLT question?

  12. butter Says:

    ^ditto Miner

    Alanna tonite: this sounds weird, what song are they playing? (Boogie’d) #toojammy

  13. Multibeast Says:

    Sitting outside on the deck watching my yard get watered and reading back on all the bb comments like I do everyday and I have to say I’m just stoked right now Stoked to be back in to phish past present and future. Stoked for Mr Miner and all the amazing things his site has done for myself and us. I am a lurker/poster but i feel a kinship to you beasts and I’m proud of ya. Some people check FB. I check phishthoughts on the daily.

    Cheers to all that are goin to AC. Have an amazing time. Know that I will be lurking, listening and lovin all of it from a far. see yall in the midwest and beyond.

  14. RoosterPizza Says:

    A little known fact that the paperwork for a United States passport takes exactly the same amount of time as Worcester 1 set 2. Boogie on is the goods.

  15. garretc Says:

    Damn, nobody has any love for big Matty Cain tossing a perfect game?

    Lots of friends at that game, lucky them

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