TTFM: December Jams 2.0

Reading 10.29.13 (Andrea Nusinov)

Piper 12.29.03 II, Miami, FL

The standard against which all 2.0 “Pipers” should be measured. The short post-hiatus era were the true glory years for “Piper.”


Runaway Jim -> Times Loves a Hero 12.31.02 III, NYC, NY

The improvisational centerpiece of their comeback show.


Wolfman’s Brother” 12.1.03 Albany, NY

A favorite of a couple friends, this one is in honor of Wade and Scotty B. Look out for the “butter” jam at the end.


Ghost -> Free” 12.29.03 II, Miami, FL

This pairing provided the meat of a non-stop, second set sequence.


Down with Disease” 12.30.13 II, Miami, FL

After a zany second set with both highs and lows, Phish stopped the antics on a dime and closed the show with a heart-wrenching “Disease.”


Frankie Says” 12.28.03 I, Miami, FL

This is the stuff Phish pulled off in first sets in the post-hiatus era. Out of “Frankie Says” no less.” This was in the very first set of the New Years Run.


Rock and Roll -> Weekapaug > Reprise” 12.2.03 II, Boston, MA

This unorthodox sequence opened the second set of the 20th anniversary show, ten years ago.


Suzy Greenberg 12.28.03 II, Miami, FL

The seemingly innocuous pop song turned into one of Trey’s darkest guitar confessionals in history.


Stash” 12.31.03 II, Miami, FL

One of the finest post-hiatus jams, period


Bathtub Gin -> 2001” 12.30 II, Miami, FL

This set-closing “2001” foreshadowed P Funk’s second set sit in as Trey teases some classic Parliament licks.

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