Worcester Centrum Region: Round 1

The Worcester Centrum (Mike Nyman)

Hampton Region Round 1 Recap

#9 Nashville 29 #8 Miami 24

The eight-nine game provided the most drama in the Hampton region, as two 3.0 favorites staged an engaging battle that featured the most eye-opening comeback of the tournament. Eight seed, Miami, had a comfortable lead for most of the contest, but the final five minutes saw Nashville go on a run out of nowhere and overtake the ’09 standout, capturing the contest by 5 votes. Miami—stunned—hung its head as it packed its bag, but heading back to South Beach will sure bolster its spirit.

#11 New Haven 95 34 #6 MSG 12/30/16 19

In an upset that many prognosticators saw coming, the compact shredder from New Haven defeated the more dynamic version from Madison Square Garden. When the bracket came out, there was rampant questioning of New Haven’s seemingly-low seed, but the committee cited the version’s one-dimensional nature for its placement. The voters saw otherwise, however, as the Fall 95 version jumped out to a big lead and never looked back. Voters have shown an unbreakable love for Fall 95, as each version from the tour has advanced thus far.

#7 Austin 98 33 #10 Chicago, IL 19

The late-’90s groove monster from Austin, Texas, wasted no time devouring the multi-sectioned standout from Fall 2018. Chicago was predicted to put up more of a fight in this one, but it was no competition for one of the chunkiest and smoothest rhythmic exchanges of all-time.

#5 Hampton 13 42 #12 Red Rocks 09 11

In another battle of 3.0 versions, the revered rendition from the Mothership out-dueled the stellar Red Rocks version from five years earlier. Though Red Rocks, pound for pound, is as tough as any version in the field, the length and psychedelia of Hampton suffocated the ’09 version, and the host Tweezer of the Hampton region marched on.

#4 Bangor 33 #13 MSG 1/2/16 20

The stone cold classic from Bangor ’94, featured on A Live One, put the beat down on the uplifting MSG 16 version in a wire-to-wire domination. Bangor is one of the favorites in this bracket, and could be looking at a regional final if things fall their way.

#3 Denver 97 47 #14 Baker’s 8

This match-up was over before it started, as the well-loved opener from McNichols 97 proved far to powerful and infectious for the Baker’s Dozen opening night outing. Denver’s quintessential Fall ’97 groove factory started quick and never relented in a match-up between wildly divergent versions, easily advancing to the round of 32.

#2 Mud Island 41 #15 Minneapolis 10

The 50-minute colossus from Memphis in the Summer 95 had a strong argument for a top seed in this tournament, and when it was slotted as a two, it felt like it had something to prove. The longest Tweezer ever came out with a chip on its shoulder in the first round, drubbing the Target Center version from ’99 in a game that likened the Globetrotters versus the Washington Generals. Mud Island has its sights set on the final four, but will have to make its way through some top-shelf versions to make its dream a reality.

#1 Raleigh 99 55 #15 Shoreline 00 4

Continuing the tournament trend of top seed domination, Raleigh bludgeoned the Shoreline version from the final night of 1.0, in a contest that was as lopsided as the score suggests. Raleigh treated this game as a warm-up for its real competition which will start in round two.

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Thanks to everyone who voted in the Hampton Region! Below is the Worcetser Region—the final first round games. The polls will be live for 72 hours and then we will be moving on to spicier matchups in the round of 32. Enjoy!

Worcester Region #1 vs #16

Worcester Region #8 vs #9

Worcester Region #5 vs #12

Worcester Region #4 vs #13

Worcester Region #6 vs #11

Worcester Region #3 vs #14

Worcester Region #7 vs #10

Worcester Region #2 vs #15

13 Responses to “Worcester Centrum Region: Round 1”

  1. BingosBrother Says:

    Still feels good to be #1 after all these years. Thought Red Rocks would win in the upset. Still on my squad. Anybody seen UIC 94 Tweezer? Must have been suspended for PED’S!

  2. phlorida phan Says:

    For me, the 8/3 Alpha Tweez ranks above the others from ’18 that made the dance. Shitty home record and a late season upset did her in. All about that groove @10:35

  3. uncle-jimmy Says:

    Rumor has it that UIC ‘94 was declared ineligible after accepting booster money from a patch wook on the laht.

  4. vegas wolfmans Says:

    CHI getting jobbed by the selection committee. No room for Rosemont ’03 in the field either. Unfocused? Maybe, but the wall of sound shit and subsequent peak at the end of that jawn is straight fire. NIT’d.

  5. BingosBrother Says:

    I’d take either of those over Rosemont 18. Best thing about that Tweezer is the Golden Age it spawned. Plus, Mind Left Tweezer was, is, and always will be, my jawn.

  6. uncle-jimmy Says:

    I know we talkin’ tweezers, but…… Island Ya Mar can just take all my monies.

  7. uncle-jimmy Says:

    Mind Left Tweezer = BOOM

  8. Joe Says:

    Really enjoyed ghosts of the forest last night. Thought treys guitar sounded fantastic. Lights/set design was excellent. Almost a hologram like effect in trey (especially with his blazer outfit). Background vocals on point and fish-man a beast as usual. I totally understand being cynical or too cool for it but I was eating up the full Trey cheese.

  9. BooVT Says:

    I also enjoyed Ghosts of the Forest last night at the Orpheum. It felt a little strange to me, as I had zero expectations and almost felt indifferent about attending. I didn’t get excited until about 5 min before the lights dimmed. But it was very enjoyable. Fishman is indeed a beast. I kept wondering which songs might translate to Phish. I bet there will be a couple. Some of the lyrics were “cringey” (as my kids say), but I feel that way about a lot of Trey / Phish lyrics. And I cut Trey some slack here knowing the backstory, so it certainly didn’t ruin it for me or anything like that.

  10. BingosBrother Says:


  11. RoosterPizza Says:

    Love spinning these tweezers and that the talk here is about music again. Hampton 13 Tweezer is poised to make a deep run in my bracket!

  12. joe Says:

    Fish-Man was an auto correct suggestion and I liked it so kept it.

  13. stapes Says:


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