Twenty Years Later: Japan 2000

Japan 2000 Poster

This week marks the 20th anniversary of Japan 2000—one of my favorite Phish runs of all time. My friend, Myke Menio—aka @LawnMemo—invited me onto his Daily Soundcheck podcast to talk about these incredible shows. We will be recording five episodes. The first episode just went live and is linked below. I will add the new links to each episode onto this post as they go live. Hope you enjoy!

Episode 1: 6/13/00 Club Quattro and the Tokyo shows 

Episode 2: 6/14/00 Drum Logos, Fukuoka

Episode 3: 6/15/00 Big Cat, Osaka

Episode 4: 6/16/00 Zepp, Osaka

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  1. theBaker Says:

  2. bob dylan Says:


  3. sanchothehutt Says:

    Thank you Mr. Miner. Nice to see you post; we miss you!

  4. Hadtohavethat Says:

    Well well. Chalk on blackboard still alive! Thanks for the post miner. Podcasts been helping to ward off Some unfortunately newly experienced panic attacks on the way to work. Seriously looking into digging in here!

    I wandered about here while fortunate enough to be schooled by this 95 deer creek show via dinner and a movie

    May never be the same. Realize more than ever why y’all vets are so god damn cranky all the time. What a time to be alive in the Phish world. feeling fortunate to appreciate the foundation. What was, what has been, can be, and will be. Much like the times. Always look forward and never forget the past…..

    Meanwhile that Bowie gave me anxiety and release like never before. The yem, unworldly. Acoustic army? All on guitar again please!!! On to possum now.

    Miss y’all. deepest wishes, best regards, and sparkles where you can find em. They are there. I promise.

  5. phish Says:

    Wow I miss this platform. The days when we could type away on our keyboards instead of our phones. Oh well. At least Signal crashes every other time I load it and if there’s more than 50 new messages it crashes every time.

  6. BooVT Says:

    Thank you, Mr Miner.
    I miss this place, too. I learned a lot here, mostly about music, but also about an incredibly diverse list of other good stuff, too. And it was a great time killer (waster?), too. And often humorous.

  7. joe Says:

    Happy Summer, bb. may there be live music in your future.

  8. sanchothehutt Says:

    Here’s to hoping the boys are working on putting something together for us to stream this summer (webcast from the Barn?) Something, anything. We need new Phish in our lives

  9. theBaker Says:

    Hi Ren & S0X 😉
    hillllZ, yuns ever done 30days onna vioe of full-spectrum CBD tincture?
    *99% certain IT will make Ewe aNew–>reach-0ut

    LoveYa Matty!


  10. BoogerSpangler Says:

    …tube was Forbin mins. for Years cuz Trey don’t WANT us WatchingT.V.–>IT’s “programming”! BUT since the “tv” is ImporTant-again, due to an upcoming Election SEASON–>so fer the last couple years TUBE has Expanded!
    *Rhombus Party subliminal psychological “spPHere of inPHulence” is IN FULL AFFECT!¡!

    Happy PHryDay FUCKERS!
    … myBest friend would have been 50spins TODAY–>make IT A g00d ONE myPHriends, LoveYas

  11. lumpyhead Says:


  12. TheFlesh Says:

    Man oh man.. Japan 2000 is the business

  13. kayatosh Says:

    hey now!

    a pause in live phish is a chance to check out all that they’ve done to date. the silver light that shines at night . . . 6.14.00 is its own thing $$$$

  14. kayatosh Says:

    Khruangbin new album, Mordechai – holy moses that is smooth. Texas Sun and Mordechai the two best albums of 2020

  15. BoogerSpangler Says:

    Happy Borrrnnnnn Day ‘Murika!
    *I’m SEW gratePHulll to Have s000000 many Anniversaries w/0f theBoys THIS WEEK, it”S red00nk 😉


  16. Al Says:

    PHISH – Big Cypress (The Live Album). Compiled and edited to feel and sound like an official release. All *Perfect* SBD! 12 tracks with a running time of 3:45 hours. Get the “Best Of” of this most legendary concert in Phistory. Tracklist: Down with Disease (21:25) > After Midnight (19:23), YEM (16:11), Llama (03:31), Twist (13:38), Rock and Roll (30:20), Crosseyed & Painless (19:52), Sand (22:07), Reba (17:07), David Bowie (20:55), Drowned (25:50), Slave to the Traffic Light (15:18). Tagged and with a cover. Only available in Mp3 @320.

  17. jtran Says:

    so what do you guys think about the whale?

  18. Snigglebeach Says:

    I think it might catch on. ‍♂️

  19. phishm Says:

    I hear really good things.

  20. Mmmhmm Says:

    Hey BB! Miss this place! Hope everyone is well! What a year of total fuckery and skullduggery. Keep ya heads up!

  21. kayatosh Says:

    Yo!! Hello out there. 2/23/2020 Everything’s Right – so buttery good. exaltant
    Trey @ Beacon nt. 2. TY Trey!
    Love to all. Peace

  22. HarryHood Says:

    Kaya! What’s up brother!? Man….. It’s really gone quiet around these parts 🙁

  23. kayatosh Says:

    Yo, HH. ghost town round here, but the vibe still flows through it. Set our soul free

  24. wobs Says:

    Still has that “new thread” smell.

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