HAMPTON COLISEUM MARCH 6,7, and 8th!!!  IT IS ON!!!!

Tickets are available “for request” RIGHT NOW!! You will be notified between October 8th-18th as to whether you have had your request filled.  Or it’s off on your mission you go! there is a limit of 2 per person.  You have to make sure you do it all in one order. Ticketmaster onsale is the 18th.

The universe is finally back in alignment.  The planets have settled back into their comfortable orbits- PHISH IS BACK!! It is on Phish.Com! The boys are back to blow are minds once again.  And it is all happening in the friendly confines of Hampton Coliseum.  See the Hampton Retrospective from a few weeks ago to brush up on the history of the Mothership.  Folks, how exciting can a day possibly be?  After four years of waiting, hope and doubt, salvation has come!  We can see the lush valleys of the promise land!  Three nights at Hampton- hope you got your hotel room yesterday, because there is not gonna be any left.

I wonder if further dates will be announced around these, because Phish indicates that they will be announcing further touring in early 2009!  It is quite a non-chalant announcement minus the cool video.  The site says “Phish returns to the stage for three concerts at the Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, Virginia on March 6, 7 and 8, 2009.”  Pretty bland for such a massive occurrence I’d say, but whatever floats their boat.  The bottom line is that this is what we have all been waiting for, this is what it is all about!  With Trey on the brink of a now much more exciting tour with lots of new, sure-to-be Phish songs, things are finally back to normal in this crazy world.  Happy, healthy, and sure to rage as hard as ever- get ready for PHISH 2009!!!!







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  1. Matso Says:

    And now, I pray for the next 2.5 weeks that an email comes through with the good news… Ready to book flights… Ready to book holiday at work…. Ready to explain this overseas trip to my wife… Ready for everything… : )

    (Is it wrong that I’m slightly disappointed that the Europe comeback rumour was false? What I would give for a 3/4 night run at the Brixton Academy in London….)

  2. Mr.Miner Says:

    ^^ would have loved it!! But can’t really argue…..tix are gonna be a scene and a half!

  3. king of the kids Says:

    seen phish 320 times
    and i am still excited
    luckily i already got tickets (always on guestlist) so i can drink beer backstage) dry venue

    see you guys in

  4. Greg Says:

    I’ve got a room booked for the 5th -9th. Now I just have to pray for tickets!!!

  5. DLewis Says:

    3.0 in full effect! what a great way to start off the morning! Bkwds down the # Line, 2nd set opener w/ monster DWD jam. that kid in the soccer jersey will be there, and we can rejoice that all things are right in the universe. yes kid! good tidings!

  6. mike Says:

    phish 2009
    Look at here:
    Very nice!

  7. Matso Says:

    I know we’ve got 5 months to dream up predictions, but can I say Curtain opener on the 6th now?

    Consider the historical precedent: Phish really screwed up a big moment during the encore of the second night of the Clifford Ball when they didn’t finish the Harpua because Trey stalked off stage angry when the plane flew too soon. Fastforward to The Great Went – first day first set opener – they finish the Harpua, bringing chills to at least some of us.

    Another big encore: The Coventry Curtain was the single most abysmal version ever (yes, ever). I almost couldn’t believe it when they had to restart it. What a sad way to end things.

    The chance to make it all right: As Miner noted in another post, that was not the way things are going to end. This is the new beginning.

    Lights go down. The Roar is mighty. Then cutting into it with all glory and power of which this band we all love is capable: a tight, ferocious Curtain With, complete with happy, melodic jam bringing tears to the eyes of all.

    “As he saw his life run away from him, thousands ran along, chanting words from a song”

  8. A.Hill Says:



  9. Rick Says:

    I am sure we all will get tix. Time to break out my dancin shoes!

  10. Los Says:

    Does anyone know what their allotment will be? What is the capacity there?

  11. Mr.Miner Says:

    13,800 = SMALL

  12. Matso Says:

    Ok, figure Phish get 1/4th of all tickets, so about 3,400 per night. Assume there are 100,000 ticket requests (which I think might be a bit high). So that’s a 3.4% chance of getting tickets in the lottery. Compared to most lotteries, that’s maybe not so bad. Still not great though.

  13. themanatee Says:

    damn you think they get 3,400 tickets. thats freaking huge. trim that guestlist or put me on it.

  14. Los Says:

    Miner gotta say, def love that thing you do here! Ive been lerking for quite some time and its become my first stop every morn…Thank you! Love Hampton and was fortunate to be there for the ’97 and 98′ shows. Hoping to find some luck with the lottery (not so much in the past). Good luck everyone!!!!!

  15. judd Says:

    what up, y’all? this is great news!!

  16. Dan Says:


    Your site is one of the VERY few I go to everyday. You provide a great service here and I really appreciate it. Listening to 11/22/97 courtesy of your Blog! I too have put in for the lottery (03/06/09). Here’s hoping for tickets!!!! I was having a pretty blue day until I saw your post that Phish was back. I feel like a kid at Christmas.


  17. Monster Says:

    Mr. Miner should be on every guest list, those who can’t make it need his reviews…. oh and then he can sell me his extras.

  18. Mr.Miner Says:

    I’m in on Monster’s plan!!!^^

  19. harry_hood Says:

    What a sweet suprise to an otherwise boring Wednesday. I can’t wait for the “additional tour dates” to be announced. Hopefully we get a couple of NY summer shows (crosses fingers for SPAC)!

  20. scott Says:

    it also says “The band intends to announce additional touring in 2009 early next year.”


  21. Carson Matthews Says:

    just got an email from Phish, no tickets 🙁

  22. yisseroff Says:

    looking back at a wonderful moment in phish history… ahh… i can smell the summer tour

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