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At long last I present to you Phish Thoughts’ Audio Archive! Now everyone has one destination to find any and all of the shows that have been posted on this site. No more using the search bar for dates, no more scrolling through posts to find that one show you missed, just head over to the archive for free unlimited downloads! When you arrive, you will find the archive organized by year. While there is a tab for each year of Phish’s career the bulk of the 325+ currently hosted shows can be found between 1991 and 2000, plus 2009. When you click on a year, you will be brought to “Year Page” that is organized by tours during that calendar year. Each show will be listed by Date, Venue, and Location. If you know what show you are looking for, go no further – there is a “DL” tab on the right side of every entry that will bring you directly to the download page. However, if you want some more information about a given show, click on the actual show title, and you will be brought to a “Show Page” with a short write-up about the show, a complete setlist with source information, and a relevant image. In many entries – particularly for the recent shows – there will be a link to my full show review and/or article about that night. At the bottom of each “Show Page,” there will be similar “DL” download button that will bring you to the download page.

"Year Page" Example

"Year Page" Example

All of the shows in the archive are hosted on MegaUpload as .rar files; the same as each “Download of the Day.” Once you decompress the .rar file, you should have a folder of 320 kbps mp3s to simply drag and drop wherever you’d like. Each “Download of the Day” will be entered into the archive as it posted on the site, so you will never need to scour the main site for download links again. Henceforth, the archive will clearly grow in time, and there are still a few shows that have yet to migrate over. This is not meant to be a comprehensive place to download every Phish show ever played; simply the ones featured on Phish Thoughts. Therefore, I can almost assure you that there are no duds in the archive, and all virtually all shows have excellent audience sources. In addition, most every show is sampled at 320 kbps, assuring the best in quality and convenience.

While browsing the archive, you will notice that I have no shows featured from 2003 and 2004. This is only because I, personally, only have official SBD sources of Phish’s second chapter. These years will populate in time as I accumulate audience sources for these years. Here’s where you can help. If you have high quality 320 kbps audience sources for any post-hiatus shows, shoot me an email at, and we can get them up there even quicker! For the time being, these years represent place holders for what is to come. In addition, the ’80s have some scattered shows, but will also be populated as shows are posted to the site.

"Show Page Example"

"Show Page" Example

Today marks the public debut of the archive, so there may be a few entries that lack a photo or a write-up, or in some cases – gasp –  there may even be some mistakes! If you come across anything that looks fishy, again, shoot me an email an let me know what’s you’ve found. Please do this only in the case of errors, as I will get to filling in write-ups and images in time!

I’d like to take a minute to thank some people whose efforts have helped make the Phish Thoughts Audio Archive come to fruition. First, I want to thank web designer Alexander K with whom this wouldn’t have been possible – or nearly as slick! I’d also like to thank Paul S., Marshall C., Jason C, and Steve M., for volunteering to divide and conquer all of the work in centralizing every show on MegaUpload. Their hours of uploading service to the community was invaluable in getting this entire process rolling months ago.

Head on over to the archive, check it out, and download away!

(Note: This entire project adheres to the band’s audio/web gudelines.)


Winged-music-noteJam of the Day:

Timber Ho! > David Bowie” 7.26.97


A devastating segment of summer darkness from Austin ’97, and the now-defunct South Park Meadows starring guest drummer Bob Gulotti.



11.19.98 LJVM Coliseum Winston-Salem, NC < Torrent

11.19.98 LJVM Coliseum Winston-Salem, NC < Megaupload

1998-11-19gnA year after blowing up Lawrence-Joel Coliseum after Hampton, during Fall ’98 Phish hit up Winston-Salem right before Hampton came alive. Though not quite as out there as ’97’s offering, “Cities,” “Curtain > Sample” provided an energetic start to the first frame which also included a dark-horse, late-set “Ghost.” “2001 > Rock and Roll > Taste” and a thick “Gumbo” held down the second, while the band dropped a “YEM” encore.”

I. Cities, The Curtain > Sample in a Jar, Ginseng Sullivan, Bouncing Around the Room, Maze, Something, Ghost, Golgi Apparatus

II: 2001 > Rock and Roll > Taste, Frankie Says, Gumbo > Chalk Dust Torture, Frankenstein, Been Caught Stealin’

E: You Enjoy Myself*

* w/ Heloise Willams on vocal jam

Source: (FOB) Schoeps MK4V > KC5 > CMC6 > Oade M118 > HHB PDR-1000


359 Responses to “Phish Thoughts Audio Archive”

  1. Mr. Completely Says:

    yeah all of Darkstarenstein is from 1971 – a massively underrated year

    the sequence after Dark Star on 9/19/70 is what gets me – the China Cat/Darkness jams – very early/mid 90s Phishy IMO with intricate changes improvised at fast tempo

  2. Fatbunch Says:

    My wife indulges my phish mania without limits (cue “hello my phishy friend”). As a classical musician herself sometimes I puzzle over the lack of connection for her but no worries! Funny thing is when we drove across the country, oh 12 years ago, she ended up hitting “repeat” on waste like 20 times in a row while doing a late night shift with me sawing logs in the back of the van. Sounds like a common theme! I think it’s the list of “don’t wanna’s”

    Mango dance: all in the hips, not in the head.

    Anyone notice the “Happy Stash” and “Friendly Disease” on night 1 of F8? Kind of set the stage for the positive-vibed halloween weekend, no? Shine a Light definately left me dropping tears right off my chin into the Indio grass. All weekend I repeatedly opened my eyes while dancing to apologize to pholks next to me for dancing on their quilt or blanket – only to find it was just the soft grass (again)! Oh happy times.

    Wish I was lined up for some fall indoor darkness but alas, not in the cards. OK till Gorge next summer! At least was able to hook a pal for MSG through some good lottery luck. Yet to see phish at MSG after all these years! Of course these days the listening moment is only moments away anyhow…;-)

  3. gavinsdad Says:

    @ neemor: checkin in late hear and i’ll def get on mitch’s spreadsheet for thurs nite msg.

    also note to philly attendees…i went to the flyers vs. devils tonite a few hours ago (flyers win) and i checked out the inside of the wachovia again. pretty sweet. it had me wondering what the architect was thinking. big 100 level section right up to those club boxes (which are more like a top level of seats). then above that two levels of suites. then on top of that the 200 level ring. then above that more suites. even tho the building is big it really seemed kinda small to me.

    if you’re a dancer/wanderer, i’m wondering what the situation will be. there aren’t any of those big ol portals like they have at msg. there are more like skinny hallways down to each section. no walkway at the top of the 100 level. so i think it’ll be a dance on stairs or behind your seat sorta thing. seat room overall is spacious….moreso than what i’m used to.

    anyway…since the last time i saw phish indoor at philly it was at the spectrum this will be a shift but it looks to be a good shift.

    signing off again.

  4. neemor Says:

    I queried about that before, if Phish might go a little darker in this upcoming run of indoor shows, closer to the sound of the ’95 madness or ’97 deep, dark funk. I’m sure they have it in them, just not sure if they even feel like heading in that direction with their new sound.
    It all pretty much sounds happy/shiny to me anymore which isn’t a downer, just an observation.
    I think the sound may reflect the indoor venues, but I don’t know if their minds are in a place to take us to the depths and lay down that robust sound that leaves you wondering what the eff just happened?

  5. neemor Says:

    I guess what I’m saying is that the new sound of ’09 is bobbing on the surface which has been exactly what it needed to be, extremely inviting and courageous, but now I hope that they start to expand on that and have some of those moments where we forget what song they’re playing.
    RoBear’s source seems to harken to that idea exactly and that is the most exciting thing for me.
    This could be the tour that ushers in the prototype for 3.0 and etches it indelibly in our ears and minds, the sound that defines this era.
    I can’t wait.

  6. Fatbunch Says:

    @Neemor: I’m curious if Miner’s insights will proove out as well. Definately shiny and bright right now. I remember overhearing someone once describing phish as being like “pink amoeba’s floating in a sea of prozac and jello” and I countered that there was darkness a plenty – just go see for yourself! Would actually be interesting to analyze the number of songs in major keys and happy keys at that (like the key of D – quintessential happy key. Free?) I believe the darkness is still there – even at 8 in that happy disease I heard it – but more it was more like a metallic thread being drawn through a small opening. Then there is Page – the real giant of darkness in my opinion. Evil organ snake monster lurking on the ground below the mist and fog. Page is the filling. A different example but remember that Rock n’ Roll at the Gorge when Trey was channeling Jerry mins 14-18? Page was tplaying he Bob Wier chewy gooey filling. The man is a chameleon!

  7. neemor Says:

    I agree completely, it’s definitely Page that’s creating the darkness.
    I might not go so far as to say ‘MVP’, because I think that’s near impossible to rate if not completely subjective, but Page has certainly gone there in his mind over the summer and into 8.
    One of the great things about this band has always been their ability to listen to one another and go where the music leads on the wings of each individual musician. If Mike is dropping bombs, the band is willing to build the sound to encompass that, and the same goes for each member.
    I think right now it’s Trey that is keeping things in the bright ranges and that may in large part be due to where his head is at (which, mind you, is great!), but it will be interesting to see if he can, like a brilliant actor, can bring the music to those places and encourage the others to follow him.
    Being on the cusp of this tour is such an exciting time for the band and us fans alike if for no other reason than the music can go anywhere now because they have the ability, certainly, but also the experience of all of their past incarnations under their belts.
    Sorry to hear that Fall tour isn’t in the cards for you, but you certainly have seen Phish and its surrounding culture grow from its inception and that spirit travels with the band today…
    What an exciting time to be a fan!

  8. neemor Says:

    Night, FB.
    Good talk!

  9. Fatbunch Says:

    “This could be the tour that ushers in the prototype for 3.0 and etches it indelibly in our ears and minds, the sound that defines this era.
    I can’t wait.”

    ^ You said it brother! What the heck are they going to do next? Funny how that’s the big question … and also the moment-to-moment question when IT’S ON!

    Seems like they have an unique opportunity to evolve again. 3.1?

    Or is it a upward spiral revolution? Phish’s journey though their own fractal. Next iteration: 9-series!

    I have personally loved the full-circle the sound of 2009 with just an f’n mature groove. Plenty of room! Back to basics on a whole new level. Vast spaces at their disposal.

    And with us it happens!

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