Trey @ Charlotte & Atlanta

2.26.10 The Fillmore, Charlotte, NC < Torrent

2.26.10 The Fillmore, Charlotte, NC < Megaupload

2.19.10 (C.Smith)

I: Shine, Burlap Sack and Pumps, Push On Til the Day, Cayman Review, All That Almost Was Sweet Dreams Melinda, A Case of Ice and Snow, Mozambique, Sweet and Dandy, Night Speaks To A Woman, Tuesday

II: Curlew’s Call. Plasma, Gotta Jibboo, Valentine, Alaska, Peggy, Sand, Goodbye Head > Mr. Completely, Black Dog

E: Dragonfly, Show Of Life, First Tube

Source: Audix m1280/HC > (Oade Warm) PMD-661



2.27.10 The Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA < Torrent

2.27.10 The Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA < Megaupload

2.19.10 (C.Smith)

I: Shine, Push On ‘Til the Day, Words to Wanda, Obstacle of Course, Night Speaks to a Woman, Cayman Review, Valentine, Let Me Lie, Mozambique, Money, Love and Change, Sultans of Swing, Water in the Sky*, Backwards Down the Number Line*, Bathtub Gin*, The Inlaw Josie Wales*, Wilson*

II: Gotta Jibboo, Alaska, The Birdwatcher, Sand, Windora Bug, Alive Again, Drifting, Goodbye Head, Mr. Completely, Black Dog

E: Heavy Things, Show of Life, First Tube

* Trey Solo Acoustic

Source: Schoeps mk22 > KCY > Schoeps VMS02IB + Schoeps mk41 > KC5 > M222 > NT222 > Lunatec V3 > SD 744t (@24bit/96kHz)

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