Five Favorites From Summer ’95

Jones Beach — Summer '95

Tweezer” 6.14 II, Memphis, TN

The Mud Island “Tweezer,” a classic and personal favorite that—I feel—is captivating for the entire 50 minutes.



Runaway Jim -> Free” 6.15 II, Raleigh, NC

Phish took this doggie a long way from home in Walnut Creek, another classic rendition.



David Bowie” 6.24 II, Philadelphia, PA

In a summer that contained countless standout “Bowies,” this version from the Mann Music Center is among the elite.



Down With Disease -> Free” 6.26 II, S. Springs, NY

One of the finest sequences of music from a spectacular summer—a two-pronged, psychedelic monstrosity.



Stash” 6.17 II, Gainesville, VA

A mind-numbing version from that closed the first set on the fifth night of a five night run. And it wound up being the highlight of the show.

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  1. Mike in Austin Says:

    Best tweet of the night.

    The_Real_Fly (@The_Real_Fly)
    2/26/12 10:37 PM
    Kenny fucking Powers should win all of the oscars and send everyone home

  2. Mr.Miner Says:

    don’t sleep on the Camden P&F show from 06/30/06, Trey is only in the second set but its $$$ opening Jam>Terripan>St.Stephen>The Eleven.

    ^ i flailed so hard on this. a bunch of friends and I were seeing a han dful of these shows and this was the first one…we all decide to go back to my buddy’s place in cherry hill after the grab set bc we really didnt care about Phil and friends. We are 1/2 way home on the train when A. Greg calls and tells us they are setting up Trey’s gear. At this point we would have had to get off the train ( it sure if it had left yet, but we had walked some to get there), score another ticket and go in…I BEGRUDGINGLY and knowing that it would be sick, went back to the house to kick it, the same house that was there after Trey killed the show, and missed this set. The St Stephen is straight epic Trey—and I, who love Trey and Dead music as much as anything, have always remembered how hard we blew that one…He came out for the whole second set of hartford, but other than Shakedown, it was a older-school, blusoer setlist that i wasn’t super into but had a sick time during while front rowing it (to the side) for that one..anyhow, I ramble…I’m designing some pins…that’s my new project…Island Run jams…LE…gonna be epic…

  3. butter Says:

    epic fail not caring about Phil, then huh Miner 😉 i kid i kid, i feel the ache in your above post…

    quick shout before getting some sleep in my own bed and heading down to SFO and back to Maui in the morn

    love the life you live

  4. butter Says:

    but not before a Denver Tweez spin and a few bingers

  5. butter Says:

    been twittering alot but its a big scary world out there

    i feel safe inside this black and orange

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