TTFT: Shred

12.29.09 - Miami, FL (Wendy Rogell)

Drowned -> Rock and Roll” 6.29.00 I, Holmdel, NJ

A blistering end-of-set combo as the sun went down in New Jersey.



Tweezer” 12.2.95 II, New Haven, CT

A classic face-melting extravaganza.



Mike’s Song -> Sparks” 8.2.93 II, Tampa, FL

A rowdy August ’93 sequence.



Simple” 11.29.98 II, Worcester, MA

Dark, seething psychedelic shreddery.



Piper” 10.2.99 II, Minneapolis, MN

Just another gem off from the jewel case that is 1999.



Antelope” 10.24.95 II, Madison, WI

Another classic piece of Fall ’95 history.



Wolfman’s Brother” 11.19.97 II, Champaign, IL

From funk into a furious and full-on “Crosseyed” jam.



Split Open and Melt”  12.1.94 I, Salem, OR

Hard-edged music that doesn’t come around these days.

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331 Responses to “TTFT: Shred”

  1. plord Says:

    Shpongle delivers as usual.

    He is actively remixing multiple tracks from different albums together, pitching samples up and matching tempos, throughout the set. Visuals about on par with the Shpongletron setup but more abstract, less use of “the mask”

    Top notch fucking psychedelic hard dancing grooves. Fill your head and get in deep.

  2. Gavinsdad Says:

    AJ – seeing joakim right now. Dirrrrrty.

  3. jtran Says:

    Review coming tomorrow, but Treys show delived. Very cool experience.

    Got the balls to shake his hand on the way out and congratulate him and Amanda. Humble as expected

  4. Ouish Says:

    Now THAT was a Simple!! Very awesome choice! Thank you Miner!

  5. prophet2216 Says:

    I’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again — that Drowned –>RNR is, in a word:


  6. Multibeast Says:

    nice jtran, looking forward to your thoughts.

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