Miner’s Top 10 of 2012

12.28.12, MSG (Graham Lucas)

It took a ton of deliberation, crossing out and remaking lists to come up with my favorite jams of 2012. I pondered not even trying to pare down Phish’s prolific year to a “Top 10” because there are plenty more jams that are outstanding, but when it comes down to it, these are my favorite pieces of music from 2012. Don’t read too much into the rankings, as deciding on an order was quite the ordeal and I flip-flopped places many times before settling on this one. Enjoy the music and come back next Friday to check out the ten jams that I would put just behind these. A great weekend to all.

10. “Down With Disease” 12.30 II, MSG


9. “Rock and Roll > Ghost” 8.15 II, Long Beach, CA


8. “Twist” 6.22 II, Cincinnati


7. “Light > Ghost” 7.1 II, East Troy, WI


6. “Carini” 12.30 II, MSG


5. “Crosseyed > Light” 8.19 II, San Francisco, CA


4. “Chalk Dust Torture” 8.31 II, Denver, CO


3. “Undermind” 8.31 II, Denver, CO


2. “Tweezer” 12.28 II, MSG


1. “Light” 9.1 II, Denver, CO

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